The Unwritten Autobiography

The Unwritten Autobiography

“A garden that one makes oneself becomes associated with one’s personal history and that of one’s friends, interwoven with one’s tastes, preferences and character and constitutes a sort of unwritten autobiography.”
- Alfred Austin

Pretoria-bred Raphael comes to Backworth

raphael todd russonRaphael Todd Russon / Ian Todd (p)

We’re fortunate at Backworth to share our lives not only with magnigicent Thoroughbreds, but also with our intelligent and dignified, yet often stubborn and hilarious, Scotties! Pretoria-bred Raphael Todd Russon is a new addition to the Backworth family.

The Scottish Terrier, also known as the Aberdeen Terrier but popularly called the Scottie, was one of the initial Scottish Highland breeds of terrier that were grouped under the name of Skye Terrier. They are one of five breeds originating in Scotland; the other four being Skye, Cairn, Dandie Dinmont, and West Highland White Terrier, and their lineage is said to be traced back to a single female, named Splinter II.

Team at the Farm

Patrick Chiutsi, Robert Mbele and Dillyn BrijlalStud Team - Patrick Chiutsi, Robert Mbele and Dillyn Brijlal
(Photo : Ian Todd)

Dillyn Brijlal has recently been promoted to Farm Manager at Backworth Stud.

Dillyn is taking the responsibility seriously and continues to maintain the Backworth property and Management of the Horses to the highest professional standard, and with the attention to detail, for which Backworth is renowned.

We look to Dillyn and his Stud team, which includes Patrick Chiutsi (Stud Foreman) and Robert Mbele (Assistant Stud Foreman), to prepare the Yearlings for various Sales this year under guidance from the experienced eye of owner Keith Russon.

Sad Beginnings, Happy Endings!

Wire removed from Skhotheni's leg

“Here is the wire that Dr Carla Langley removed from Skhotheni’s leg!”

We shared with you yesterday the arrival at Backworth of our newest team member, Skhotheni, our new Teaser Stallion who had been rescued by the ‘Out Of The Blue Animal Rescue” in Hillcrest from an abysmal life of abuse, pain and suffering at the hands of soulless tormentors.

That he found his way, via the intervention of our vet Dr Carla Langley, to the safe, happy and respect-filled environs of the Backworth paddocks, to take on the most desirable of positions, must be a matter of fate.

Skhotheni is ‘Homeless’ no more!

New Kid on the Block!

Skhotheni Teaser StallionSkhotheni
(Photo : Ian Todd)


Our new Teaser Stallion has arrived - and we welcome “Skhotheni” to fulfil his integral part of the Backworth team, as “Teaser to the Mares”.

Having lost our Welsh pony Tardee earlier in the year, our Vet, Dr Carla Langley has been looking for a replacement for us since. Carla stumbled across “Skhotheni” at the ‘Out-of-the-Blue-Animal-Rescue’ in Hillcrest where he had been rescued from an abused background, and the staff nick-named him Skhotheni, meaning homeless in Zulu. I am sure Backworth will restore his soul and belief in humanity.

Skhotheni was introduced to his ‘girls’ at the end of last week for the first time, and looks set to perform his duties admirably!

Find out more about Out Of The Blue Animal Rescue here :

The passing of Tardee

1981 - 2013

Flags flew at half mast at Backworth yesterday, in respect of our 32-year-old teaser, Welsh pony ‘Tardee.

Much loved, a character, and an integral part of Backworth, he performed his difficult and unenviable job with great efficiency!

Tardee showed wonderful health Sunday morning, enjoyed his breakfast as usual, but suffered a cardiac arrest just after being put out in the paddock.

On a magnificent autumn day in Eston, Tardee was gently laid to rest.


Terry and Rusty Safton

Farewell to Terry and Rusty!

We had a farewell tea, and story telling, with Terry and Rusty Sefton, before they left the farm last week for retirement in the Cape.

All of us at Backworth Stud, wish Terry and Rusty farewell! After some 16 years living on the farm, and working in the area, Terry has become a ‘local character’. He supervised the building of our Stable set up, worked with the Stud in the early days of horses, and later took responsibility of the property caretaking, as well as the driving of mares for covers.

We hope they settle well with their family in the Cape, and embrace true retirement!


estonian hats rss

We couldn’t resist this… Johan Alberts, Dillyn Brijlal and Taz brave the KZN ‘early morning’ winter elements as part of their daily preparation of the Backworth Stud draft for the upcoming KZN Yearling Sales at Suncoast, Durban, 5-6 July 2012. Johan and Dillyn are seen above sporting the latest in Estonian ‘hat fashion’… courtesy of our recent trip to Estonia.

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