Miracles take place in a stable!

Filly Foal by Judpot out of Forbidden Woods

Judpot - Forbidden Woods

The wonder of it all…
almost a year of waiting, a week of sleepless nights.

Finally this the mare presents one tiny perfect hoof encased in an iridescent bubble
as magical as those we blew through childhood’s wands.

We wait breathless for one more miniature hoof.
Next the milky sphere reveals a baby nose,
nostrils already flaring trying to breathe.

Like an axed tree the mare drops.

In one convulsive heave the bubble bursts
expelling a flawless foal.

Its little whinny is answered
by a low encouraging nicker of love.

We are awed to silence. . .
miracles take place in a stable.
— Linda Lee (Konichek)