Visit from Cox Family Enterprise Centre Students

Cox Family Enterprise Centre Students at Backworth StudSeen above are Simon Torres, Semra-Nur Toglukdemir, Samuel Jessson, Stan Boukart, Jeffrey Tapick, Joe H Astrachan, Thomas Lauzon, Greg Hitchman, George Manners, Mieke Hanssens, Keith Russon and Helen Colle. Sam Sibango holds mare Ramp Model with her Ideal World foal.
(Photo : Ian Todd)

We welcomed Coles Executive MBA Students from Atlanta, Cox Family Enterprise Centre (CFEC), who were in this country studying Family run and owned businesses in South Africa as part of their education programme.

Since 1987, the Cox Family Enterprise Center (CFEC) has been dedicated to the research, education, and recognition of family businesses. Their commitment to this fundamental economic and social unit has allowed the CFEC to support and guide family businesses through their innovative programming, outreach, and scientific research.

Their mission is to improve the well being of family businesses through education for families and business leaders, recognition of the contributions family businesses make to society, and the scientific research of family businesses.

As one of the first university-based centers of its kind, the CFEC remains on the cutting edge of family business education and research and has played a critical role in serving family businesses and furthering economic development. Clearly, family ties can make business strong. But they can also make business more complicated.

It was fortunate the students were able to take an afternoon out from their busy schedule to visit us for a luncheon at Backworth Stud, as well as a broad stroke introduction to the Thoroughbred Breeding Industry!

Wishing these students the best of luck with their studies!