"the backworth way"

Welcome to the Backworth way of Breeding and Raising Thoroughbreds!
Take a lot of passion, a lot of patience, add love and appreciation for the magnificent animal, relevant industry knowledge and experience, put it in to an environment of beauty, of establishment, of fine aesthetics, and build a team around you that share your vision.
Let the private climate of breezes and mists surround you. Take your project in to the avenues of trees and shaded paddocks, let the seasonal display of hydrangeas and azaleas colour the palette of time, and enjoy!
Believe in yourselves and your ability, aim high, continually grow and upgrade, be professional, be curious, be proactive, have fun, be excited, be honest to the market.
Show humility for the reputation you have respectfully earned.
Feel pride in our Backworth breds.
— Keith Russon & Ian Todd